Right now in Illinois, the quality of education available to our kids is directly related to where we live. We have schools in our District that lack the very basics: adequate funding for teachers, books, technology, resources and supplies.

My opponent champions sending millions of OUR taxpayer dollars to go to private schools in the form of “scholarships.” and vouchers instead of supporting our EXCELLENT public school system. This is nothing but a tax break for Him and Illinois’ wealthiest families and corporations. In the meantime our public schools, our kids and our families do without. Public funds should never go to private entities!

The situation is absolutely unacceptable. It exacerbates education inequality by allowing some children to be educated in a religious manner with the potential neglect of learning essential to our children becoming competent adults.

When we take PUBLIC school funding and funnel it into private schools our kids lose out! I promise to work for fair and equal funding for all Illinois schools and not to give OUR tax money to private schools, whether you call it “scholarships” or vouchers or whatever.