Thank goodness Illinois embraced the fight for $15!

Workers Rights

Wage imbalance is a real drain on our society. Instead of paying workers a better wage, most companies opt to rake in more profits. We pay more in taxes to supplement the incomes of adults working these low-wage jobs. Therefore we, the taxpayers, are subsidizing corporate welfare.

The Republicans argue that we can’t afford to pay a living wage. But in states where living wage is the law, taxpayers benefit. Because their paychecks actually meet their needs, families become less reliant on social services like Medicaid, SNAP and Section 8 rent subsidies. They’re willing to make more purchases and spend their dollars in the local economy.

Employers get benefits too. Companies that pay a living wage get a better workforce. Employees who are paid a living wage keep their jobs longer, take fewer sick days, have greater job performance and require less training and retraining.

Let’s pay people what they are worth! And lets make sure our workforce is treasured and embraced!